Monday, 15 July 2013

It ain't over!

Backyard woods

I've been back in Asheville almost two weeks; and back in the States for three. Talk about recalibration! Re-entry from a transformative experience always seems to involve some awkwardness before a new kind of "settled" appears, and this occasion is no different. In some respects 3+ months is not that long to be away, but whole new worlds now seem open and appealing to me.

Along the drive home

At the same time that I'm now entertaining notions of living and studying in a bigger world, I've wanted to bring back to Asheville my "visitor" eyes; to remember to regard this beautiful town and region with the same wonder and appreciation I felt for those places I'd never before seen. (Not so hard, as Ashevillians know: We live where other people dream of visiting! Sensual wisps of smokey clouds linger in the crevices of lush tree-covered mountains, magical lightning bugs flash in rhythm across rolling meadows, the La Zoom comedy tour bus honks as arms wave from its windows, farmer's markets celebrate fat blackberries, spaceship-shaped squash, local goat cheese, and the best bread this side of the Atlantic.)

Downtown corner

Nearly a year ago I created this vision board (below) with my friend Emily. (It helps to have someone else bring over great magazines!) I see pieces of so many experiences reflected in these images: architecture, edges, vistas, flowers, trees, fancy meals, grace.

Vision board

Hints on what's got my attention now:

Language, linguistics, attitudes expressed in speech, how we use our bodies to language -- and how language uses us, what occurs in the mind and body as possible and how we orient ourselves, how we conceive-conceptualize-coordinate ideas and action...

I'll be writing more. Thanks for staying tuned :-)


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