Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The feeling of YES!!

Way back in May, my friend Libby sent me a link about an astrological occurrence, the rebirth of Venus. She asked me what energy I wanted to incubate over the next eight months, the time of Venus' brightening and rising. What vision did I wish to cultivate? What would I like to bring to fruition?

I found myself reaching for the feeling of YES: of absolute satisfaction, of accomplishment that I got it, I did it! This picture of me (at 25) captures it beautifully. My boyfriend at the time and I took a river trip on the Nantahala in western NC. We'd spent plenty of time in a canoe in the northeast, and weren't satisfied to navigate the final rapids on this particular trip just once--after the first time through, we portaged our boat back UPstream to run it again. So this picture captures a combination of thrill and assurance, a feeling of confidence, of power, while still in the midst of a challenge. But even more satisfying than the knowledge that I can navigate this turbulent bit is the knowledge that I have given myself the pleasure of success. I brought myself to this point of receiving this good feeling, of basking in a wave of well being. I love when I love myself this way...

For the past month I've been loving myself by going dancing. A lot. Four or five nights a week, I've been doing West Coast Swing, Tango, Lindy Hop, Blues, Burlesque. I love the challenge of learning new ways to move my body, inhabit space, respond to rhythm, listen to my lead. It's that same combination, of tapping into tools I have to stretch myself and discover new pieces, being delighted with what I find.

The only other thing that comes close to lifting my heart the same way is the view from Tennant Mountain on the Art Loeb trail where, as The Who put it so well, I can see for miles and miles... And everywhere my eyes come to rest, the answer is YES.

me and Alexis, Tennant Mt.


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